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The New Jersey city of Passaic is in Passaic County. It was settled by Dutch traders in 1678 and named Acquackanonk Township. The village of Passaic was formed within Acquackanonk Township and incorporated in 1869. The name comes from the Lenape word which means "place where the land splits." In the 1800s, Passaic grew into a metal working and textile center. In 1926, more than 15,000 woolen mill workers from nine mills in and around Passaic participated in a work stoppage which would become known as the 1926 Passaic Textile Strike. It was organized by the Trade Union Educational League, which was funded by the Communist International of the Workers (Communist) Party of America, making it the first Communist-led strike in the United States. The strike lated from January 1926 to March 1927, when the last of the mills signed a contract keeping them on board at their old wages, though the union was not recognized by the mills.

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