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Palmyra, New Jersey is a borough situated in Burlington County. It was settled by Swedish immigrants in the late 1600s and was a farming community until the Camden and Amboy Railroad was built in 1834, and located a station nearby. Shortly after they established the station, railroad workers built their homes on lots they bought along the railroad right-of-way. Palmyra was originally named Texas, but Isaiah Toy, a direct descendent of the original settlers and a stockholder in the Camden and Amboy Railroad, wanted to establish a post office in the settlement and convinced the railroad to change the name of the station to Palmyra in 1849. The Palmyra he named it after was an ancient trading center in Syria. The post office was established three years later, in 1851, a year after the township was laid out. The streets in town were given the same names as those in Center City, Pennsylvania.

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