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The island city of Ocean City, New Jersey is located in Cape May County. It was incorporated as a city on March 25, 1897. It is named in honor of the Atlantic Ocean, upon which shores it is situated. The city has long had a reputation for being a family-friendly resort on the seaside and has prohibited alcoholic beverages since it s founding. The island was originally called Peck's Beach, and it is believed that it was named in honor of a whaler by the name of John Peck, who had a camp there. In 1700, Peck began using the barrier island as a storage place for his newly-caught whales. In 1879, four Methodist ministers -- James Lake, S. Wesley Lake, Ezra B. Lake, and William Burrell -- came to the island to establish a Christian retreat. They had a meeting under a cedar tree which now stands in the lobby of the Ocean City Tabernacle. They became the founders of what would become the city of Ocean City. The Boardwalk in Ocean City is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. It measures 2.5 miles and has mile markers for those who use the boardwalk in order to exercise.

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