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The Town of Newton, New Jersey is situated in Sussex County. It is one of only fifteen municipalities in all of New Jersey which is organized as a town. It is also the county seat of Sussex County. Colonial surveyor Samuel Green plotted a tract of 2,500 acres on behalf of William Penn in the autumn of 1715. It would be another 35 years before the land would be settled by Europeans, so in the meantime, it was populated by bands of the Munsee, who were the northern branch of the Lenni Lenape Indians. Some time around 1751, Henry Hairlocker, a German Palatine immigrant built a home in the area and got a tavern license, and Newtown Precinct was established. It was named Newtown in honor of the colonial village by the same name in Queens, New York. In 1797, the post office was renamed Newtown, and in 1825, the spelling was changed to Newton.

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