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Mullica Hill, New Jersey was originally called the village of Spicerville after Jacob Spicer, who was a landowner in the early days. It is an unincorporated community which is situated within Harrison Township in Gloucester County. Quakers began establishing plantations in the area on the south bank of Raccoon River and named in honor of Jacob Spicer an early prominent landowner. Eric Mullica, after whom Mullica, on the north bank of the Raccoon River, was named, had four sons, John, Olag, Eric, and William, who began buying up land in Spicerville beginning in 1704. Eventually, the towns on either side of the river both became known as Mullica Hill. Before the Revolutionary War, Mullica Hill was a small coaching town with two small clumps of houses, a grist mill, and a couple of taverns. The entire village is on the National Register of Historic Places as well as the New Jersey State Register of Historic Places.

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