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Morristown, New Jersey is situated in Morris County. The first permanent European settlement at Morristown was in 1715 when the settlement of New Hanover was founded by Presbyterians from Connecticut and New York. It was named in honor of a champion of the colonists, the first Governor of the Province, Lewis Morris. By the mid-1700s, Morristown had more than 250 residents, and downtown boasted a courthouse, two taverns, two schools, two churches, and several stores. There were numerous farms and mills as well. In 1777, Morristown became George Washington's first encampment as he and the Continental Army marched from the victories at both Trenton and Princeton. He stayed at Arnold's Tavern, which was once on Morristown Green from January until May of that year. It was chosen as headquarters because of its strategic location, between New York and Philadelphia. It was also near New England, and the local industries and tradesmen were able to offer arms and enough food to support the army. In December 1779, the Continental Army encamped a second time, this time at Jockey Hollow, where they stayed until June of 1780. Washington stayed at Ford Mansion which belonged to the widow of Colonel Jacob Ford and her children. Martha Washington came to Morristown and stayed with her husband each winter. It was at that mansion that the Marquis de Lafayette came in order to inform Washington that France would send ships and soldiers to help the Continental Army. Benedict Arnold was court-martialed for profiteering at Dickerson's Tavern, and Alexander Hamilton met, courted, and married Elizabeth Schuyler in Morristown.

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