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Moorestown, New Jersey is a township in Burlington County. The first English-speaking settlers, John and Sarah Roberts, began living in what is now downtown. In 1700, the Society of Friends built a meeting house. The town was named after a man named Thomas Moore who settled in the area with his wife Elizabeth and built a hotel in 1722. In 1745, a tavern was built on Main Street by John Cox. In 1778, during the American Revolutionary War, that tavern was taken over by Hessians as they retreated from Philadelphia. That tavern was used as a town hall until 1812 when a new town hall was built. The tavern is still standing and is now called "Old Town Hall. It was incorporated in 1922. Moorestown banned all alcohol sales in 1915 and retained the law long after the end of Prohibition in 1933. Attempts were made to repeal the ban in 1935 and in 1953, but each of them failed. The law was voted on again in 2007, and that one failed as well. In 2011, they finally repealed it, though sales were restricted to the Moorestown Mall.

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