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The borough of Metuchen, New Jersey is situated in Middlesex County. The area that is now Metuchen was part of Woodbridge Township until 1870. The split occurred before that, as the western part of the township were considered as being in another community. They called their community Metuchen, which was taken from the name of an Indian chief named Matoichin. During the last few decades of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, the town grew slowly, and by 1834, there were two taverns, a Presbyterian church, and about twelve homes. In 1836, the New Jersey Railroad line to New Brunswick was established, and on its heels followed a small business section. By 1866, the first Catholic church opened its doors, as did the Reformed Church, and St. Luke's Episcopal Church. In 1870, the library and the Building and Loan Association opened. Those openings were followed by the telegraph service coming to town, telephone service, streetlights, and finally, in 1900, a trolley service. In 1900 the borough was incorporated, and the Metuchen Police Department was organized at the same time with just one police officer.

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