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The township of Livingston, New Jersey is situated in Essex County. In 1699, 101 settlers from Newark decided to move westward, and to that end, the created a committee to negotiate the purchase of land from the Lenni Lenape Indians. They bought the Horseneck Tract, which consisted of what is now Livingston, along with eight other municipalities. In 1698, they clashed with the British proprietors who believed that the land was theirs due to a dispute as to whether the Indians or the King owned the land because the the settlers failed to get a grant from the proprietors before they began negotiating with the Indians, who truly owned the land. In 1702, they got a deed from the Lenni Lenape. The settlement was founded in the 1740s, but the dispute continued. In 1745, an aristocrat named William Livingston joined the side of the settlers. He defended many of the settlers who landed in jail as a result of refusing to pay the quit rents levied by the proprietors. William Livingston is who the township is named for. That same year, a man named Timothy Meeker formed a group and they rioted against the English government. The Horseneck riots lasted for ten years. This group, one of the first colonial militias, joined the Continental Army in 1776.

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