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The borough of Lincoln Park is in Morris County, New Jersey. It was notable in the Revolutionary War for the fact that in several letters to General George Washington, John Dods Tavern was used as a point of reference. For example, on August 21, 1781, Quartermaster General Timothy Pickering wrote, "I have sent a person to examine the roads on the routes mentioned by Genl hand, & urged his returning as soon as possible. I have sent an express to go with him as far as Ogden's iron works (without crossing the Ramapough) to bring back his report whether that route be practicable for carriages. The inspector of the roads will then proceed as far as the two Bridges & return by Dods thro' Pompton Plains to the Yellow House, from whence he is to go down to see the condition of the road to Ogden's iron works & the bridge there - to go back to the Yellow House & return hither in the common road." It was first incorporated in 1922 and named in honor of Abraham Lincoln.

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