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Kinnelon, a borough in Morris County, New Jersey, was formed in 1922. During the American Revolution, the great Charlotteburg Furnace Tract was made up of several iron mines, ironworks, and charcoal furnaces along the Pequannock River. Oe of those ironworks, Long Pond Ironworks, was situated in what would later become the borough. The furnaces devoured an acre of trees a day. George Washington's main surveyor, Robert Erskine, would soon become a key player in the Revolution. He posted his militia there for a time during the war, where they protected the furnaces. It was the first organized militia in New Jersey. The local ironworkers joined in the resistance against the red coats, and they were happy to do it, due to the fact that King George III of England had decreed that all iron produced in the colonies would be shipped to England, where it would be made into hard goods and then shipped back and sold to the ironworkers. It is named in honor of Francis S. Kinney, who bought 5,000 acres of land in the 1880s and built St. Hubert's Chapel on an island in the lake in 1886.

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