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The city of Hackensack, New Jersey is the county seat of Bergen County. The Lenni Lenape, who would later be known as the Delaware Indians, who lived there before the settlers, called the nearby river the "Ackingsah-sack," which means "stony ground." In 1665, the chief of the Lenni Lenape deeded the land along the mid-Hackensack River to the Dutch. In 1667, the English took over the land, though they kept the name. Land was granted to John Berry, Captain of the Royal Navy, who had lived for a while in Barbadoes. He called the area "New Barbados." New Barbadoes Township was formed, along with Acquackanonk Township, in 1693. Despite the official name of the township, residents called it Hackensack, so in 1921, the name was finally changed to reflect what it was called.

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