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The borough of Fort Lee, New Jersey is in Bergen County and is physically located at the top of the Hudson Palisades. It is where the George Washington Bridge ends on the western end. It was named in honor of the original Fort Lee, which played an integral part in the American Revolution and which was in turn named in honor of General Charles Lee. It is also the home of the film industry in America at the end of the 1800s. The first motion picture studio, Thomas Edison's "Black Maria,"" was in nearby West Orange. In 1907, Fort Lee was first used as a location for a movie, and more than a dozen other filmmakers followed suit. For nearly twenty years, Fort Lee enjoyed the economic benefits and notoriety of that position. In 1957, Fort Lee became the place where subliminal advertising began when James Vicary, a market researcher, started the Subliminal Projection Company. His research and claims were debunked in 1962, after which he admitted it was a ruse.

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