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Warner, New Hampshire is located in Merrimack County. It was granted in 1735 as Number One by Massachusetts Colonial Governor Jonatan Belcher to a group of men from Amesbury, Massachusetts. The men named it New Amesbury, and it was part of a cluster of settlements which were situated between the Connecticut and Merrimack Rivers. These settlements were, by and large, were expected to be the first line of defense in the case of incursion by New France. In 1749, it was regranted by the Masonian Proprietors and named Jennesstown. At that time, the settlement had four houses and one sawmill. Shortly afterwards, it was destroyed during the French and Indian War. In 1767, it was once again granted, this time to Jonathan Barnard and a group of men who named it Amesbury. In September of 1774, it was incorporated as Warner, which was in honor of Jonathan Warner, a prominent citizen from Portsmouth and relative of Colonial Governor John Wentworth. Warner became a farming community, producing meats, vegetables, dairy products, apples, and hay. In addition to the farms, and by 1832, Warner was home to 6 gristmills, twelve sawmills, a paper mill, and a couple of clothing factories. Every Columbus Day, the town of Warner hosts their annual Fall Foliage Festival, which is meant to attract people in time for leaf-peeping.