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The New Hampshire town of Walpole is situated in Cheshire County. The numerous lilacs in the town are said to have been the inspiration for Louisa May Alcott's 1878 book, Under the Lilacs. The town was granted as Number 3 by Massachusetts Colonial Governor Jonathan Belcher in 1736. It was called either Great Falls or Lunenburg. In 1741, once the border dispute between the Province of New Hampshire and Massachusetts was resolved, the town was re-granted by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth, with the name of Bellowstown, in honor of Colonel Benjamin Bellows, who had co-founded the town and built a large fort in order to defend the town from Indian attacks. The town was incorporated in 1756 and the grant renewed in 1761, at which time it was renamed Walpole, after Sir Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford, who was also the first Prime Minister of Great Britain.