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Stratham, New Hampshire is in Rockingham County and is named in honor of Wriothesley Russell, Baron of Streatham, who was a friend of the Royal Governor of New Hampshire Samuel Shute. Members of the Fisherman's Guild of London and Edward Hilton came to the site and began to settle what was called Dover Plantation in the early 1600s. Dover Plantation was made up of what is now Dover as well as Stratham and Durham. They set up a fishery at Hilton Point. In 1629, they petitioned the Plymouth Council for a land grant, and the land was granted to Edward Hilton. In 1631, Thomas Wiggin, who worked for Hilton, was sent to work on a piece of Hilton's land, known at that time as Squamscott Patent. Wiggin was often called Governor Thomas Wiggin due to his settling nearby Dover. In 1633, he traveled back to England for supplies and returned with those supplies and 30 Puritans who settled in the Squamscott Patent. Later settlers included many Anglican settlers, and there were frequent bitter disagreements between the two groups. He was given the land which is now Stratham because of his good work in both Dover and Stratham. Before he died, he deeded the land to his son who later gave it to his brother. It was incorporated as Stratham in 1716. 

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