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The city of Nashua, New Hampshire is located in Hillsborough County. In 1673, the Township of Dunstable, Massachusetts Bay Colony, was chartered. It was settled as a fur trading town from the beginning, and in the 1800s, was home to textile mills, and eventually to machine shops foundries, and railroads. In 1741, a long-standing border dispute by the Province of New Hampshire and the Massachusetts Bay Colony was resolved, with the result that Dunstable was separated into two townships, one on either side of the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border.  On December 31, 1836, the New Hampshire half of Dunstable was renamed "Nashua," in honor of the Nashua River. It is said that the word Nashua means either "beautiful stream with a pebbly bottom" or "land between two rivers." The Massachusetts half of the original Dunstable is still named that. In 1836, the Nashua Manufacturing Company established three cotton mills, which produced more than 9 million yards of cloth a year using 710 looms.

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