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Lancaster, New Hampsire is difficult to tell whether it was named after Lancaster, Massachusetts or Lancaster, England. It was granted to Captain David Page, of Petersham, Massachusetts, in 1763 under the name Upper Coos and settled by his son David Page, Hr. and Emmons Stockwell in 1764. Ensconced in the Northern White Mountains, Lancaster was the first settlement north of Haverhill, which is a full 50 miles south in what is now part of Vermont south of the settlement. Early settlers included Benjamin Sawyer and Timothy Nash who, in 1771, discovered Crawford Notch which made a shorter route to Portland, Maine possible and a group of explorers including Reverend Joshua Meeks, who explored and named the mountains of the Presidential Range. In addition, manufacturing and milling were important in the early days of Lancaster's existence. potato starch, sawmills, and gristmills were going strong, along with a number of carriage factories and a granite quarry in the Kilkenny Range. Farming was also possible, particularly after the Boston, Concord & Montreal Railroad began to come through in the late 1800s. Today, the town is probably best known for being the site of "PorcFest," a summer festival put on by the Free State Project.

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