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Laconia, New Hampshire is the county seat of Belknap County. The Endicott surveying party visited the area in 1652 or so, and left as a commemoration, a local landmark known as Endicott Rock. In 1746 a fort was built at Laconia to fortify the area against the constant hostilities between the French and English as well as between their respective Indian allies. Those hostilities continued, preventing settlers from immigrating to Laconia until 1761. In 1765, grist mills and lumber mills were founded on Mill Street, followed by the opening of taverns on Parade Street. Then the courthouse in 1822, the textile mill in 1823, then manufacturing plants for shoes, lumber, and hosiery. In 1848, the Laconia Car Company, which built trolley, rail, and subway cars, and in 1849, the railroad came to town, bringing tourists to the local beach, Weirs Beach. Finally, in 1855, the town of Laconia was incorporated and named after the car company. In 1860, the Great Fire ruined most of Main Street. Laconia was incorporated as a city in 1893, and a few years later, the Great Lakeport Fire of 1903 was so intense that fire fighters were brought in by train from all over the region.

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