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Goffstown, New Hampshire is situated in Hillsborough County. It was first granted as a Massachusetts township in 1728 as Narragansett No. 4 by colonial Governor Jonathan Belcher, during the dispute between the two provinces. It was one of seven townships which had been designated for veterans or their heirs-in-law of the Narragansett War, which was more widely known as King Philip's War. In 1735, however, many of the grantees complained that the ground was so poor as to be barren, and they were granted a different tract. Narragansett #4 was bought from John Mason by 47 New Hampshire proprietors in 1746. It would be known by many names, including Shovestown and Piscataquog Village and was finally incorporated in 1761 as Goffstown, named in honor of Colonel John Goffe, the first judge of probate in the County. The New Hampshire State Prison for Women is located in Goffstown, whose most famous resident was Pamela Smart from 1991 to 1993.

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