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The town of Eaton, New Hampshire is located in Carroll County and includes the villages of Eaton Center and Snowville. Eaton was granted and incorporated on November 7, 1766 by Benning Wentworth who was the Governor of the Province of New Hampshire under King George III. The townsite was 25,600 acres which were divided between Clement March and 65 other settlers. They were granted the land with the proviso that they plant ad cultivate 5 acres out of every 50 within the first 5 years and going forward. If they did not meet that obligation, the land would go to the town to be re-granted to someone else. Because most of the grantees were either speculators and/or absentee land holders, many did not meet their obligations. By 1790, 42 of them had sold their land at tax sales for up to $2.00 per 100-acre lots. It was named in honor of Governor Theophilus Eaton, a Connecticut man who contributed the funds that were needed in order to settle. The most notable landmark in Eaton is the "Little White Church." The village of Snowville is named after the Snow family, founders of a sawmill there in 1825.

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