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Deerfield, New Hampshire is in Rockingham County. Originally, the town was the southwestern part of Nottingham from the Original grant in 1722. In 1766, the residents petitioned the royal governor to become a separate town. They were granted permission and became the Town of Deerfield. The hilltop district of town, called Deerfield Parade, was situated on the postal route between Portsmouth and Concord. It was used by both the militia of the American Revolution as well as the Civil War who trained and paraded the men who would fight the wars. The town soon became a bustling trade center. Shortly after the incorporation, the townspeople built a meeting house in what would one day be called the Old Center and then went ob to build a church. Then came a one-room school, and by the middle of the 1800s, there were 15 school districts and 13 school buildings which ensured that every child had a school within walking distance.

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